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HOUSELESS IS NOT HOMELESSNESS:-  A stick home on a piece of land maybe the norm, but there are many other options.

LIFE IS MOVEMENT:- We are creatures who are meant to move, movement is our mantra.  The sedentary life is the cause of a lot of our present problems. The Worst Mistake. in the History of the Human Race.  Jared DIAMOND is a professor in three disciplines - so he may know what he is taking about.  (Originally published in the May 1987

GET OUT & ABOUT - "The constant exposure to new people, places and events and the act of driving from place to place all help to keep RVers mentally alert,"  RV Lifestyle is Healthty

LIVING SIMPLY:-  Living in or from a VEHICLE is a popular solution to living simply.  The VEHICLE is my base in or from which I can live and supportmyself  - I am not asked to provide housing or to support a tribe or even a partner -  a partner can just do the same.  After all are we not all equal.  AUTHOR

USEFULLNESS:- This site is merely a collection of Tips, Tricks, Techniques, Thoughts & Theories for so living, gathered over the years from all, every and any scource - with no pretense of order or scholarship.  It's sole function is to be usefull to those who are in need of this information.  My target audience does not include people of other pursuasions or views  I find little point in trying to pursuade the unpersuadable.  AUTHOR

SHARING INFORMATION:- Information shared via the Internet is information preserved and multiplied - certainly not diminished.  I hope that readers will respond with their own TIPS which I will add to the fund.  I am hoping to use the "Army of Davids" out there to help in this venture.  Harnising the "Wisdom of Crowds" is uniquely possible because of the Internet.  Writing a book is just too complicated and anyhow is nowhere as good as publishing on the Internet.  Simply put the Internet is a high tech method of writing a note, hanging it on a virtual tree for all the world to read. All that is needed is special glasses i.e. a computer with a Internet connection.  AUTHOR

STEALTH:- Stealth

"Gradatim Ferociter" Step by Step" with determination.  Thus this site is added to bit by bit in whatever order that information arrives.  There is no consistency of theory just a collection of Tips unified by one strand that of being useful to those wishing to live in their vehicle adventurously.  This Latin maxium captures the philosophy of TOYOTA of KAIZEN - Incremental and continuous improvement. AUTHOR

FIRESTARTERS & PINECONES:- Start with pinecones that are already dried. There are two ways to have fun with pinecones as a fire starter. First, melt any old candle stubs you have. A double-boiler works nicely for this job. Then, dip the pinecones into the hot wax. Let dry, perhaps on a cookie sheet lined with aluminum foil. When dry, store them in your RV and use as needed. The wax helps them burn long enough to help get your fire going. For more special effects, soak the dried pinecones for 24 hours in a solution of 1 pound Epsom salts to 1 gallon water. Let the cones dry again. When you use these as fire starters, they will produce a myriad of colors in the campfire.Sometimes it's a little hard to get a campfire started. Thanks to the Old Farmers Almanac for this information.  So when in a pincones area, stop and go for a walk and a look and see.  Carry a shopping bag and fill it up.  Make this a little adventure - that is what life is, a stream of little advenures and experiences.  ANON

EARNING, PASSING TIME - COLLECT TIN CANS:- I ran across a guy using a can crusher in his receiver hitch and tossing the cans in a bag hanging on the ladder of his motorhome. As a money making hobby he takes a walk, collects cans and the nickels and dimes add up. When he gets back to his motorhome he runs the cans through the receiver hitch can crusher.
My dad used to go for walks and carry a small plastic bag & walking stick with a nail on the end for picking up cans. He'd save & crush enough cans every winter to pay for the gas for his RV to come visit us every summer here in Washington. Once he was out walking & picking up cans, with a slightly tattered shirt and a guy in a Lexus stopped, got out of his car, handed him $10 and said "I think you need this more than I do". My dad loved telling everyone that story. LOL He also used to find tools, jewelry, and other stuff lying on the roads.
I carry my can crusher with me at all times -  my right foot.  Video

SIMPLICITY & LESS IS MORE:- Having a lawn is a thing of beauty.  But the price is high, much time is spent looking for and bying a lawnmower and of course time spent paying for it.  Then there is the spark plug, spark plug spanner, then the shed, the petrol tin and so one ad infinitum.  Is it worth it?  Um - maybe not.  There are parks out there that the Local Body looks after for my enjoyment.  It is all a matter of perception.

 "Out of intense complexities, intense simplicities emerge."
- Winston Churchil

MAIL & A POSTBOX :- I've always had a P.O. Box and have my mail sent to it with some trusted friend clearing it on a regula basis.  My Box number on my driver's license because I move around a lot, and I use the P.O. Box for security box for some valaubles. ANON

BOOKS ON CAR LIVING:-  Yes there are books on carliving.  They are worth getting  -I have two by A. Jane Heim.  Go and checkout

Car Living Your Way : Stories and Practical Tips From Those Who Have Been Down the Road by A. Jane Heim

Ten Consecutive Years Living in Cars : Living, Traveling, Camping, Attending College, and Performing Surveillance in Cars----and Loving It! by Craig S. Roberts

Surviving on the Streets: How to Go Down Without Going Out by Ace Backwords

Living Aboard Your RV by Gordon Groene .


GOOGLE & WEBSITES ON CAR LIVING:-Yes there are some good sites on this topic. AND  GOOGLE phrases on "car living" use inverted commas to indicate phrases.  It really is worth going to Advanced Searches and learn searching like a pro.  Here are some phrases to search

"LED flashlight" "car living" heim "car living" stealth "Jared Diamond" nomad "living on the road" "living on the road" "nomadic lifestyle" Working on the Road "The Worst Mistake in the History of the Human Race," "Jared Diamond" nomad "nomadic lifestyle" Sukkah - Succah - Booth or Hut "simple shelter" "mobile living" "Smart Shelter" "Super Shelter" “Tin Can Tourists” “Life On The Road” "call of the road" Kuralt, Charles: A Life on the Road Michael Johnson - Glimpses of Life on the Road "living rough" "possibles bag" "olive oil" shaving madhousers "portable kitchen" van travelling "living nomadically" jewish "sense of security" God "nothing left to lose" freedom "van living"tips sukkah meaning "sleeping pod" "covered wagon" modern "Sleeping capsule" pod - SILK RIDERS, Gareth Morgan "ShantyBoat" living horse-riding Huns "tikkun olam" "third place" Starbucks work simple living car mobile "living in a car" simple living car mobile -

AFFORDABLE HOUSING:-  The cost of housing is becoming a serious problem to society especially the young.  If one already owns a house then getting another home is not such a problem.  But servicing a loan of many hundreds of thousands of dollars on just a modest abode is a major social problem.  Basically it seems that many industries [Banks, Real Estate Agencies, Brokers & alas existing home owners etc have a vested interest in sky high prices.  The public are being farmed for the benefit of overseas masters, who use the Finance Industry [Banks] to distribute their funds in secured interest earning loans [ie mortgages].  Houses are merely distribution devices - like cameras are for films, injet printers for ink cartridges   It is overseas money [usually trade surpluses] that comprises home mortgage finance.  Living in cheap mobile accommodation sidesteps so many problems.  Having a fulltime job – paying interest - with / for a Lender [an agent of overseas interests] is a worry. AUTHOR

SOLAR PANELS:- Yes these are very useful but they are not cheap.  To be of any use the panels need to generate between 80 – 100 watts  - to charge a deep cycle battery - and would cost about $500 US.  Lesser capacity panels are only good as a trickle charger.  They are becoming cheaper.  Electric power is a high grade fuel and ideally should be confined to electronics TV stereos lights etc.  For heating, cooking and other uses rely on other methods and fuels e.g. gas.  Google "solar panels" "Solar Power"
"Solar Electric Systems" "Solar Electric Photovoltaic Panels"


READING LIGHTS:- LED Head Light is a brilliant and simple solution for reading in the dark problem.  These things make car living a breeze and a pleasure, there is no complicated wiring and no battery drain.  My nightly ritual is to read for about an hour with one of these and burn 2 triangular pieces of incense on a coin [no ash] before falling off to sleep.  I try and visualise where I am so I won’t be disorientated during the night.  ANON


READING & BOOKS - Reading is a great way to pass time and learn.


HOMELESSNESS HAS ITS ADVANTAGES:-  You'd be surprised how many advantages there are to a homeless lifestyle. While there is an aspect of difficulty and hardship, there is also an element of easy living. I was made homeless by circumstances, but I stayed homeless by choice.
Imagine working two weeks to pay for your expenses for two months. You can easily go to college with an income requirement so low. My expenses, excluding food, averaged $300 per month for the five years I was homeless. That included storage, mailbox, telephone or pager, gasoline, vehicle insurance, health club membership, dry cleaning, laundry, new clothes, and entertainment. I went to the movies a lot. Imagine what you could do with the time if your work week was two days and your weekend was five.
I went to museums, libraries, volunteered, went to concerts, went to college, watched trials at the local courthouse, spent time with friends, played chess, practiced yoga, read, went to movies, and spent time just thinking.
The freedom is awesome. It is also somewhat daunting. It is hard to be prepared for so much time on your hands. In a strange way I felt a kinship with prisoners. The time can draw out and overwhelm you, so don't be surprised by this experience. Depression can sometimes attend this amazing freedom. In the end, the freedom to do as you please is addictive.
There are advantages to homelessness. You are no longer slave to a wage or Boss. Mobile Homemaker 

GAMES & THINGS TO DO - Big Box retailers have all sorts of game kits for next to nothing.  Get a good range of games for that odd day when you have company. ANON


WHO IS INTERESTED IN CAR LIVING?  Adventur seekers, Skinflints,Travelers/vacationers, hunters, hikers, campers, evacuees-Hurricane/Tornado victims, college students, RV owners, boat owners, aircraft owners, car owners, survivalists, photographers, bounty hunters, investigators, and surveillance specialist AND heaps of others

TRAILER / PACKHORSE - It is always an sensible option to tow a detachable, gear carrying trailer. This greatly enhances the car  living experience.  It does, of course add compl

THE TOILET - Doing the business.  Travel Toilets